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This disorder is a sub-type of obsessive-compulsive disorder.  It is characterized by an over-concern with doing things correctly or perfectly in order to follow religious practices, to please God, to avoid sinning, or to avoid disrespect form others or from one's own self.

Children with this disorder are typically overly concerned with "being good," and are overly concerned about being responsible. 

Children with scrupulosity often engage in excessive prayer, worry excessively that they may say something blasphemous, or fear that they may have committed  the "unpardonable sin."

These children are typically very sensitive, and  want to please their parents, their teachers, and God.  They typically get very disturbed if they have inappropriate or "sinful" thoughts, and they experience a tremendous amount of guilt.  They may feel compelled to repeat ritualistic prayers in order to repent of their sins, or constantly confess their sins to their parents. 

Because of their constant vigilance against an improper thought or behavior, they do not seem to be very happy to observers.  They experience a great deal  of guilt and find it hard to forgive themselves when they sin.

Children with this disorder always tend to be hypervigilant, constantly monitoring their thoughts and behaviors.  They are often shunned by peers and find it hard to "fit into" social groups because of their preoccupation with sin and wrongdoing.