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Picture of Psychologist Dr. Brian CampbellHello, my name is Dr. Brian Campbell.  I am a Christian Psychologist and author.  This site is jam-packed with Christian counseling resources!  If you or someone you know needs solid, Christ-based help, you've come to the right place.  Look around.  Stop back often.  God Bless!   In His Love,  Brian   

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Christian Counseling Library

Picture of a Man Studyiing the BibleCheck out these Christian counseling books, hand-picked by Dr. Brian Campbell.  Anxiety; Anger; Depression; Anger; Forgiveness; Grief/Death; Parenting Problems; Premarital Counseling; Marriage Guidance; Communication; Devotionals; Men's Issues; ...and many more topics!     Library  

Find-A-Christian Counselor

Are you looking for a Christian Counselor in your area?   You've come to the right place! Find a Christian Counselor near you who is licensed or ordained.


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Christian Residential Treatment Centers

If you are looking for Christian inpatient treatment, check out these sites!  Christian Residential Treatment Centers are available for disorders such as drug addiction, sexual addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and a wide range of other problems and concerns.

Counselor Resources

If you are a Christian Counselor just starting to set up your ministry, please check out these resources offered by Dr. Brian Campbell.  Stop back often.  Dr. Campbell will be adding to this section in the future and giving words of advice to those people just starting out.  Counselor Resources





Dr. Campbell provides basic information about the major psychological disorders of children and adults.  This information is based on current research and provides data on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
This section is secular in nature.


Find-A-Christian College/Seminary

Do you feel that God is calling you to become a Christian counselor?  Check out these colleges and seminaries that offer Christian counseling programs.  Graduate and undergraduate programs are listed.  Start your journey today...



Are you taking medication for a psychological problem? This section of the website helps you to understand your medication and obtain basic information about psychiatric drugs.  This is not a substitute for medical care by a licensed physician. 

You can also check out drug interactions!




Prayer is critical for overcoming psychological problems.  The prayers written in this section were composed by Dr. Brian Campbell.   They are intended to provide help and encouragement to people struggling with psychological problems.


Top Links

Abuse... Addiction Recovery... Anxiety Disorders... Bible... Bullying... Child Abuse... Crisis Intervention... Crisis Pregnancy... Drug Addiction... Focus on the Family... Financial Problems... Homosexuality...Hotlines/Helplines... Internet Filtering... Medication Check... Pastoral Care...
Pornography Addiction... and many more!!  Check out all the TOP LINKS

Introduction To Christian Counseling

Christian counselors come in many varieties.  In most states, anyone providing counseling has to be licensed or certified.  Most licensed counselors have a masters degree or doctoral level training.  Many Christian counselors have specific training in theology.  This is especially true for pastoral counselors.  However, it is not absolutely required to have formal theological training.

What sets Christian counselors apart, is that they use the bible as the authority and background to counseling.  If you are seeing a Christian counselor, it should be obvious that he/she is using the truths of God's Word as a guide to helping you back to mental health.

Christian counselors should use the bible, or at least the scriptures, and he/she should offer to pray with you.  If your counselor calls himself/herself a "Christian Counselor," and does not use God's holy Word or does not pray with you, then you need to question whether you are receiving "Christian," counseling.











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