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Counselor Resources

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This section will focus on providing Christian counselors with materials and tools for conducting Christian counseling.   Keep checking back.  Materials will be added on a regular basis. 

NEW!  A Newsletter For Students and Beginning Counselors.  Dr. Campbell is starting a newsletter for students training to be be counselors and for counselors who are in the early stages of setting up their counseling practices.  Some of the topics for the emails are presented below.  When completing the form, make sure you sign up under:  Students/Counseling Tips/Counseling Resources

The State-of-the-Art in Christian Counseling

by Dr. Brian Campbell, 2015


Dr. Campbell's Personal Testimony

Dr. Campbell provides his personal testimony.

World Views and Assumptions: Part I

Dr. Campbell discusses his personal worldview.

World Views & Assumptions: Part II

Dr. Campbell’s application to Liberty University, with a discussion of his worldview.


Website: Counseling4Christians.com

An introduction to Dr. Campbell’s Christian Counseling Website.

Bibliotherapy:  The Christian Counseling Library

An introduction to Dr. Campbell’s “Christian Counseling Library.”


Integrated Christian Counseling

Dr. Campbell provides an overview of the process of integrated Christian Counseling.

Intro: Take Captive Every Thought

Dr. Campbell introduces “Take Captive Every Thought.”

Take Captive Every Thought: Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Powerpoint presentation on Christian Cognitive-Behavioral therapy.  Created and narrated by Dr. Campbell.  

Transcript for "Take Captive Every Thought"

Transcript from Dr. Campbell’s PowerPoint presentation on Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CCBT): “Take Captive Every Thought”

Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: The Importance of Beliefs

Dr. Campbell describes CCBT Theory, focusing on the concept of “beliefs.”  Faulty “beliefs” affect thinking, behavior, and emotions.

Integrated Christian Counseling: Levels of Analysis Dr. Campbell discusses integrated Christian counseling with special attention to “levels of analysis.”

Ethical Considerations of Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CCBT)

Dr. Campbell discusses ethical issues relevant to Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

Challenging Irrational Beliefs: Cognitive Refutations

This video discusses “Cognitive Refutations” as a tool for defeating irrational beliefs.

Challenging Irrational Beliefs:  Questioning

This video discusses “Questioning” as a tool for defeating irrational beliefs.

The Power of Truth:

Dr. Campbell reads about the powerful effects of Truth from his book chapter.

Thinking About Thinking

Dr. Campbell discusses the topic of “Thinking” and its importance in Christian Counseling.

Thinking About Thinking: Who I am in Christ.

This video discusses “thinking” and the truth of who we are in Christ.

Some Thoughts on Prayer in Christian Counseling:

Dr. Campbell discusses how he uses prayer in Christian counseling.

Prayer in Integrated Christian Counseling

Dr. Campbell discusses his use of prayer in Christian Counseling

Flash! God Doesn't Always Answer Prayers

The Bible is very clear. There are many conditions under which prayers are not answered.

Summary: McMinn's Chapter on Prayer

Dr. Campbell summarizes the core concepts in McMinn’s chapter on Prayer.

Thoughts on Suffering

Dr. Campbell provides insights on the topic of “summering.”

The Central Role of Scriptures in Christian Counseling

Dr. Campbell discusses how he uses scriptures in counseling.

Summary: McMinn's Chapter on Scriptures

Dr. Campbell summarizes the core concepts in McMinn’s chapter on scriptures.

The Mentally Healthy Christian

What does a mentally healthy Christian “look like?”  

Psychology and Behavior Modification

Psychology and Behavior Modification

Dr. Campbell discusses the importance of behavior modification in Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CCBT)

Examples of Negative Reinforcement

Dr. Campbell discusses the behavioral concept of “negative reinforcement.”

The Role of Medication in Christian Counseling

The Role of Medication in Christian Counseling

Should Christian counselors recommend medication for their clients?

Treatment of Depression

Basic Information on Major Depression

This is a handout for clients that covers basic information on depression.

Treating Depression: An Integrated Approach

Dr. Campbell discusses the treatment of depression.

Discover the Lies Underlying Depression: Form

This is a form utilized to identify irrational beliefs associated with depression.

Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Campbell discusses the integrated treatment of anxiety disorders.

Treatment of Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders and Irrational Beliefs: Form

Dr. Campbell discusses the irrational beliefs underlying personality disorders.

Personality Disorders: Analogies to Think With

Dr. Campbell discusses analogies he uses when treating personality disorders.

Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Dr. Campbell discusses the treatment of schizotypal disorder.

Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dr. Campbell discusses the treatment of dissociative identity disorder.

Attention/Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The Biological Basis of ADHD

Dr. Campbell discusses the biological basis of ADHD.

Case Studies

Case Study: The Man Who Thought He Caused the Bombing of Pearl Harbor

This is a fascinating case study that illustrates how irrational beliefs drive mental illness.

Case Study: Thoughts on Demonic Possession

Dr. Campbell discusses the controversial topic of demonic possession.

The Blind Man Who Could See

Is it possible to be completely blind and yet see?  The brain is incredible!

The Woman Who was Locked in a Box

This case illustrates the impact of childhood sexual abuse, and the impact of false beliefs.

Mr. & Mrs. Pitchfork

This case illustrates the impact that some clients have on the counselor.

Clinical Forms

Identifying Underlying Christian Beliefs: Form

This form helps Christian counselors obtain a basic understanding of the client’s religious training and experiences.

Toxic Beliefs Parents Teach Children: Parental Patterns Form

This form helps counselors identify irrational beliefs that parents teach children.

Discover the Lies:

This form helps counselors identify irrational beliefs underlying depression.

Medications with Side-Effects of Depression:

Depression is sometimes the result of medication side-effects.

Getting the Big Picture: The Adult Client History (Form)

The “Client History” provides information on a wide range of topics relevant to counseling.

Important Document: The Client Handbook (Form)

Each client is given a “Client Handbook” which describes important information regarding treatment.

Telephone Intake: Adult

A sample form to be used when conducting a telephone intake.

Telephone Intake: (Child)

A form used when conducting a telephone intake for children.

Appointment Confirmation Letter

An appointment confirmation letter.

Important Document: Consent for Treatment (Form)

Each client must consent to treatment.

Authorization for Release of Confidential Information

Clients must  give written permission to release confidential information.

Confidentiality & Record Keeping

What information is required in the client’s record?  How do you maintain records?

Couple's Relationship Survey

This tool is used during initial interviews with couples.

Building Strong Marriages (Form)

This form show what a healthy Christian marriage “looks like.”

Increasing Pleasurable Activities (Form)

Sometimes increasing pleasurable activities helps reduce depression.

Articles on Selected Topics

Testosterone Rules!

Dr. Campbell discusses the implications male/female differences in testosterone.

The Myth of Genetic Homosexuality

Dr. Campbell discusses the myth of genetic homosexuality.

Relaxing in the Womb

Did you know that babies can learn words in the womb?

Sample MCMI-III Report: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

A sample MCMI-III of a woman with generalized anxiety disorder.

Psychiatrists vs Psychologists

What role do psychiatrists play in Christian counseling?

Dr. Campbell’s Books and Tapes

Pearls:  Scriptures to Live by

Over 2500 scriptures for Christian counseling, categorized under 170 topics.

Godly Counsel: Scriptures for Today’s World

This book contains basic information from the Bible on important Christian counseling topics.

Christlike: Walking the Walk

What does a mentally healthy Christian “look like?”

Audio:  Overcoming Anxiety

Dr. Campbell narrates scriptures that counter anxiety in clients.

Audio:  Overcoming Depression

Dr. Campbell narrates scriptures selected to “argue against” depression.


Writing Tools

Turn on Word's Proofing Function

One simple way to reduce writing errors is to turn on Microsoft Word’s “Proofing” function.  This corrects for spelling errors, and some punctuation errors.  Just follow the video.

Turn on Word's References

Microsoft Word has a built in References builder, that formats references in APA style.

Examples of Word's "Proofing" Function

Some things that Word’s “Proofing” function can do. See the power of this feature.

Antecedent-Pronoun Agreement Errors

One of the most common errors by students—breaking the rules for antecedent-pronoun agreement.

Antecedent-Pronoun Agreement Tutorial

A comprehensive tutorial on the rules for antecedent-pronoun agreement.  Highly recommended.

Common Writing Errors A list of common writing errors and Dr. Campbell’s macro comments.

Meet the Paragraph

One of the most important handouts on writing.  Meet the paragraph!

APA Format for In-Text Citations

APA Citation Handout.  Excellent resource!


How to properly use commas.

Quotation Marks & Punctuation

The British and Yanks differ on this topic.  Check out the correct way to use punctuation with quotation marks.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

A comprehensive handout on Avoiding plagiarism, including intentional and unintentional plagiarism.  Take the tutorial!

How to Write an Effective

Summary or Critique

This document shows students how to write an effective summary or critique.

Transitional Words and Phrases

Use these transitional words/phrases to transition between paragraphs, or within paragraphs.

Citations Within a Paragraph

Examples of citations within a paragraph

Writing Expectations

.The counseling department’s expectations for writing.