Integration Course

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Final Checklist for the Journal Article Review

by Dr. Brian Campbell


Instructions:  Before submitting your Journal Article Review to Blackboard, please complete the following checklist.  


  I have turned on Microsoft Word’s “Proofing.”  See: “Proofing.

I have checked my document for squiggly green or squiggly red lines under my text and made appropriate corrections for grammar, punctuation, or spelling.

  I utilized the “Journal Article Review Template” when constructing my review.

  I have read Dr. Campbell’s “Sample Journal Article Review.”

  My review is written in “Times New Roman,” 12-point font, and double-spaced.

  I have divided my review into three sections:  Summary, Reflections, and Applications.

  My review is approximately 3-5 pages long, not including the Title Page and References Page.

  If the article describes a research study, I have included brief statements about the hypotheses, methods, results, discussion, and implications.

  Any direct quotations are less than 1-2 sentences.

  Any direct quotations have been properly placed in quotation marks.

  Direct quotations have been properly cited, with author (s), year, and page number.

  Other than the article I am reviewing, I have not included any additional articles in my Summary, Reflections, or References.

  I have read the document: “Meet the Paragraph.”

  I have outlined my review (using “bullets”) before writing it.

  I have organized my points into a logical argument before writing it.

  I have organized my main points into paragraphs.

  I have only one main topic in each paragraph.

  If I started a new topic, I started a new paragraph.

  I have transitioned from one paragraph to another.

  Each sentence within my paragraphs follows logically from the previous sentence in the paragraph.

  Each paragraph in my review follows logically from the previous paragraph.

  I have made logical transitions from one paragraph to the next, until I reached the end of my review.

  My Summary section ends with a brief summary statement that “ties everything together.”

  My paragraphs are composed of no more than 4-5 sentences.

  I have checked and made sure all periods and commas are placed before the ending quotation marks:  (.”)  or, (,”).  The only exception is when parentheses occur at the end of a sentence, for example:  "the end" (p. 41).  See:  Quotation Marks and Punctuation.

  I have studied the rules on “Antecedent-Pronoun Agreement.”  Pronoun-Antecedent; Pronoun-Antecedent; and, Pronoun-Antecedent.  I have reviewed Dr. Campbell's examples

  I have reviewed the rules for using semicolons: Semicolons  Also:  Semicolons.  I understand that a semicolon connects two independent clauses.

  I have checked to make sure that I have placed two spaces—not one—after the ending punctuation marks in my sentences. 

  I have printed out and reviewed the following document on providing citations: “Basic Citations and References Examples.”

  I have printed out and read the following article on plagiarism: “How to Avoid Plagiarism.”

  I have checked my in-text citations and made sure that they are accurate.

  I have checked my reference at the bottom of my review and made sure that it is accurate and properly formatted.

  My Reference section is on a separate page at the end of my review.

  I will submit my Journal Review to Blackboard before Sunday, 11:59 (ET), of the week/module when the review is due.


Note:  Please complete the above form prior to submitting your Journal Article Review through Blackboard.