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Examples of Antecedent-Pronoun Agreement Errors

Dr. Brian Campbell, 2014



Students, please carefully study the antecedent-pronoun errors contained in this document. The errors were obtained from written assignments submitted for evaluation.  In each case, the antecedent is highlighted in turquois; the pronoun errors are highlighted in yellow.


The point of counseling is to help someone understand themselves to the point that they can heal.


I would help the patient by first trying to lead the patient to God if they do not follow God.  


I feel like a person needs to understand their self and what is going on with them, first of all, before that person can even begin to heal.


In my opinion, someone has to understand their own life and feelings and counseling can get someone to that point.


Once a person understands themselves through counseling, that person can begin to heal.


During the initial session, my main objective would be to help my client cope with misunderstanding and grief regarding their current situation


In addition, I would encourage my client to bring their Bible with them to every session


As my client undergoes hurt, confusion, and temptation, it is important that they understand that the Bible will lead them to salvation through faith in Christ


Every one of us suffers from something during our lives. 


Every counselor is going to have a different view on how to help people with their problems, and sometimes their personal views can get in the way of actually helping the client.


When the client enters the room, the first thing I will do is have the client sit down and discuss why they have sought out Christian counseling in the first place.


I believe that it is essential to have the client determine what they would hope to get out of the counseling process if they could imagine the best case scenario; due to the fact, that in my mind it would be easier to evaluate where the person’s mindset is currently and where they hope to be in the future.


A person who suffers may feel like they will never again be a whole person. 


There is no one on this earth who can say they have not suffered. 


He goes on to explain that once the client is willing to discuss their brokenness, the more comfortable they become with themselves and are able to admit their faults.


Self-disclosure may help the client feel they are in a more secure environment, as well and provide them with hope.