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Citations Within a Paragraph

By Dr. Brian Campbell

When paraphrasing something you read from another source, you must give proper credit to the source; this rule applies to every sentence in any paragraph you write.  It is not appropriate to simply paraphrase someone else’s work for several sentences and then put a citation at the end of the last sentence in the paragraph.  Each and every sentence must be properly cited.

The only exception to the above rule would be if you cite the source in the first sentence of your paragraph and then make it clear that you are still referring to the same source.  However, be careful, as this is often a bit tricky for beginning writers.  I will give an example in the following paragraph.

In his popular book entitled “Godly Counsel,” Campbell (2011) gives several suggestions for how a Christian should live his/her life.  First, it is suggested that you try to be “Christlike” in all you say and do (p. 21).  Second, you should pray “constantly,” and talk with God on a regular basis (p. 50).  Third, you should ask for forgiveness for your sins (p. 33).

Notice that it is clear that the information provided in the second part of the paragraph above is all taken from Campbell (2011). 

Here is another example:

In his presentation entitled, “Take Captive Every Thought,” Campbell (n.d.) argues that our role as Christian counselors is to bring people to a knowledge of the truth.  He asserts that most people have learned to believe “lies” that the world teaches them.  The role of the counselor is to identify irrational beliefs (or lies), challenge these toxic beliefs, and help the individual in counseling replace false beliefs with biblical truths.  In the final analysis, Campbell believes that the truth will set the client free. 

It is clear in the paragraph above that all of the information that is included in the paragraph was based on information provided by Campbell (n.d.).  Actually, this information was taken from a Powerpoint presentation that appears on the intenet.

Please consult the following source for additional information.

Citations Within the Paragraph