Action Steps for Students

Students may not know what to do when they observe a classmate being bullied or experience such victimization themselves. Classroom discussions and activities may help students develop a variety of appropriate actions that they can take in such situations. For instance, depending on the specific circumstances and their own level of comfort, students can do the following:

 Seek immediate help from an adult

 Report bullying/victimization incidents to school personnel

 Speak up and/or offer support to the victim when they see him/her being
bullied -- for example, picking up the victim's books and handing them to him
or her

 Privately support those being hurt with words of kindness or condolence

 Express disapproval of bullying behavior by not joining in the laughter,
teasing, or spreading of rumors or gossip

 Attempt to defuse problem situations either single-handedly or in a group --
for example, by taking the bully aside and asking him/her to "cool it"