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This section houses three types of resources. Session Resources include the main text for each day of this event, as well as supplementary materials. General Resources include materials designed to facilitate your participation in this on-line training. Additional Resources include links to other organizations and publications about bullying.

Session Resources 

Day 1: Bullying Myths and Facts

 Other Definitions of Bullying

  Bullying Behavior Chart

 Four Hypotheses

 Books Mentioned in the Olweus Quote

Day 2: Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders

 Significant Identifying Characteristics for Bullies

 Short- and Long-Term Consequences for Bullies

 Signs of Possible Victimization

 Significant Identifying Characteristics for Victims

 Short- and Long-Term Consequences for Victims

 Consequences for Bystanders  

 Bystanders: The Potential to Turn the Tides

Day 3: Bullying Prevention Strategies

 Remarks from Elizabeth M. Duke

 Bullying Prevention Resource Kit

 State Anti-Bullying Laws

 Press Release About Oklahoma's Anti-Bullying Law

 New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Law

 New Jersey Department of Education's Model Anti-Bullying Policy

 Confronting the Problem of Bullying -- At Last, by Randy Ross

 Adding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to Discrimination and
Harassment Policies in School: Questions and Answers

 Zero Tolerance Policies & Bullying Prevention

 Federal Criteria for Identifying Effective Programs  

 AVB in Palm Beach County

 Mediation/Conflict Resolution Programs & Bullying Prevention

 Group Treatment & Bullying Prevention

Day 4: The Need for a Comprehensive Approach

 The Bullying Prevention Program in South Carolina

 Tips for Implementing Prevention Bullying Prevention Activities

 Action Steps for Administrators

 Action Steps for Teachers

 Action Steps for Parents

 Action Steps for Students    

Day 5: Putting it All Together

 Information About the Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire

  Assessing the Status of Your School's Bullying Prevention Plan

  NCESD Comprehensive Bullying Prevention Action Plan

  Notes to Accompany the NCESD Action Plan

 No Name-Calling Week

General Resources 

 Navigating This Site

 Participating in On-Line Events

 Using the Discussion Area

 Discussion Summary

Additional Resources 


Bullying Prevention Web Sites
Diversity and Bias Awareness Web Sites


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Reports and Fact Sheets

 Videos and CD-ROMs

 Evidence-Based Prevention Programs

Programs Mentioned in This Event
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