Bullying Prevention Resource Kit

The National Bullying Prevention Campaign is seeking the following types of resources for inclusion in the Bullying Prevention Resource Kit:

 Bullying prevention programs

 Books, videos, CD-ROMs and other relevant resources

There are two criteria for inclusion of resources in the resource kit:

1.   Resources must focus on bullying, which is defined as aggressive behavior that
does the following:

 Is meant to cause harm or distress

 Is repeated over time

 Occurs in a relationship in which there is an imbalance of power or strength

Resources on youth aggression and violence will be included only if they specifically focus on bullying.

2.   Resources must be appropriate for this campaign's target audiences, which are
tweens and the adults who shape their lives:

 Tweens are youth between the ages of 9 through 13 years

 Adults who shape their lives are family members, educators, health and
safety professionals, mental health professionals, individuals who work in
youth organizations, professionals in the law enforcement and justice fields,
and professionals in faith-based organizations.