Accept Forgiveness

 Thought for the Day:

God's ability to forgive sins is awesome and unlimited.

Memory Verse:

"While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

Lesson:  Many people who are depressed have committed acts that cause them deep guilt and shame.  They know that they have broken God's law, and they feel that their sinful thoughts and behavior will be exposed.  In reality, your sin is already known to God.  Repent of your sins and ask God for forgiveness.  Nothing you can think or do lies beyond God's power to forgive.


Precious Jesus,

                I am under attack!  There's a secret battle raging deep within me.  Feelings of guilt and shame threaten to overwhelm me.  I am tired of keeping watch.  My excuses are wearing thin.  My attempts to reason things away are falling apart.  I can no longer minimize what I have done.  My sin seems unforgivable.   

                Heavenly Father, I pray that you will reach down and rescue me from my self-imposed war.  I have been such a fool.  In my panic and exhaustion, I have almost forgotten that you are my Creator; that you alone know all my thoughts and actions, my secret motives, my unsuccessful attempts to fend off a guilty conscience.  My thoughts are transparent to you.  There is nowhere to hide.

                Precious Savior, forgive me for attempting to conceal my sin; for feeling that it was so terrible and awesome that I could not handle it...that You could not forgive it.  Defeat the forces within me that twist and turn my thinking away from You.  Strip me of my false armor and defenses.  Expose my deeds to full awareness, and bring my hidden thoughts at long last to my lips.

                And as I stand before you, naked and repentant, grant me the courage to confess my sins completely...without holding back, without hesitation.  Dissolve each word as it is spoken.   Sprinkle me with drops of mercy.  Shower me with your compassion.  Cascade your forgiveness on me like a raging water fall, and cleanse me completely.

                And when at last my guilt is washed away, I pray that you will clothe me once again.  Outfit me for the battle of my soul.  Give me renewed strength and courage, and let me find rest and peace in you.   

Copyright, Dr. Brian Campbell, 2009