Focus on The Light

Thought For the Day:  My depression cannot defeat the light of Jesus Christ.

Memory Verse:

"...God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. " (I John 1: 5)

Lesson: People who are depressed tend to see the world through "dark colored glasses. " Life seems dull and gloomy. They miss the obvious fact that everything we see in our world is made possible by the light reflected from the sun. In order to defeat depression, you must turn back to the source of all light ... our Savior Jesus Christ.


Heavenly Father:

Please forgive me for the sadness I feel in my heart. Everything seems so hopeless these days.  Waves of depression sweep over me and I have no energy. My face is lifeless and my future seems dark.

But I believe your word, oh Lord. And I know that you are the source of all light in the world. Regardless of how bad things may seem, I know that my depression can never defeat the light of your son Jesus Christ.

Today, I will begin to look at the world differently. Instead of focusing on the shadows and on the darkness, I will focus on the little rays of sunshine that come my way.

I know that it is not your will that I should continue to feel the way I do. Please forgive me for forgetting that you have prepared a place for me in heaven. That you love me more than I can ever know and understand.

Open my eyes to the beautiful world that you have created. And help me to remember that no matter how bad things may seem, my life surely has meaning and purpose.

Today, I invite you into my heart, oh Lord. And with you beside me, I will not fear the darkness any longer.

You are the bright star that pierces the blackest night. You are the sunlight that floods the dawn with color.

From this moment on, I will fight my gloomy thoughts. I will not let them defeat me. I will be courageous. I will turn around ... and focus on the light. Amen.

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