Put Things in Perspective

Thought for the Day:   "...set your minds on things above and not on earthly things."  (Col. 3:2)

Challenge:  Have you lost perspective and direction in life?  Are you looking at the big picture of things?  


Heavenly Father:

             Forgive me for sometimes getting lost in the details of life...for forgetting to look up to see where I'm going.  The universe you created is truly awesome!  I want to thank you for the stars, and the moon, and the sun...for our galaxy, and for the vast expanse of space that stretches out beyond my ability to comprehend.  I am overwhelmed by the splendor of your creation.  I can scarcely take it in.  

      You have hung the stars in the universe and established their orbits.  You have given each of them a name.  You have made light and gravity, darkness and light.  You are the invisible force that sustains all that exists.  Every breath I take is made possible by your precious love.

                As I hurry about in life, please grant me the wisdom to slow down and pause...to contemplate your handiwork and to put my life into perspective.  Help me to get the big picture on what I'm doing, and not get lost in the little details and minutia.  Help me to keep my eye on the prize, which is everlasting life in Your kingdom.

                Forgive me for screaming and yelling too much...for getting bent out of shape over trivial little things.  Teach me how to tolerate my own mistakes and those of others.  Help me to be more patient, and to look beyond any superficial problems that might come my way.  Grant me a sweet spirit that can tolerate dust, filthy windows, and all those little things that have bothered me so much in the past. 

                Lord, I pray that you will fill me with a renewed sense of your presence.  I admit that I sometimes think of you as a God far away, instead of a God nearby.  I forget that You alone sustain every cell in my body.  You know my every thought and motive...there is nowhere I can hide from your presence.

                Test my thoughts, Oh Lord, and weigh my every motivation.  Help me to look at life differently today and from now on.  Teach me how to accept the imperfections in myself and others...as I await the return of Your perfect precious Son, Jesus Christ.

 Amen, and Amen.  


Copyright, Dr. Brian Campbell, 2009