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Christian Residential Treatment Centers


     Christian inpatient treatment centers offer interventions based largely on Christian principles.  Many offer traditional 12-step programs.  Others are based more directly on Biblical/Christian principles.  The advantage of Christian Residential Treatment programs is that they allow the person to be in a 24-hour residential program that provides intense round-the-clock treatment in order to promote optimal change.  Need help selecting, or for more information, <Click Here>  (How to select a program.)

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 Timberline Knolls  

The Leader In Residential Treatment...
Women's eating disorders, addiction, self-harming or other destructive behavior. Holistic approach.; Spirituality included.

Illinois 877-257-9611
Valiant Recovery  
Christian Drug & Alcohol Addiction Inpatient Treatment.  We provide 16 hours of 1 on 1 counseling per month, with an entirely Christian Staff.
Christian Addiction Treatment
Canada & Florida 877-644-0633
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Shepherd's Hill Academy  
A Christ-centered therapeutic, wilderness style residential program and school for troubled teenage boys and girls age 12-17.
 Georgia 706-779-5766

Abundant Life Academy

ALA is an evangelical Christian boarding school designed for troubled teens. Jesus is the only answer.


Serves Throughout
Balboa Horizons

Offers a dedicated Christian Addiction Recovery program for women who want a spiritual recovery program that incorporates strong Christian values.


California 866-316-4012
Therapy Center 

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program.  Faith-based treatment is Available.


Florida 877-284-0353
Benchmark Recovery Center

90 day minimum program for adult male alcohol/addict...spiritually based


Texas 866-905-4550
Boarding School Review (Christian)

Comprehensive Review of Christian Boarding Schools in the U.S.A. (Listed by State and Denomination


All States Listing
Calvary Addiction RecoveryCenter 

Christian treatment for alcoholics, drug abusers and problem gamblers


Arizona 866-76-SOBER
Calvary Ranch

A comprehensive Christian residential treatment facility.
Where God does the healing
$4,000 a month Private Pay


California 800-404-2258
Capstone Treatment Center

Residential treatment program serving troubled young men (14-24) who struggle with substance abuse


Arkansas 866-729-4479
Christian Recovery.Solutions

Intensive 30+ Day Residential Program for adults. Utilizes Biblical, cognitive and reality-based therapies.


Florida 866-890-CARE (2273)
Christian Love Ministries


 A non-profit residential treatment center devoted to helping people with drug and alcohol  addictions.  Follows a strict adherence to biblical principles in coursework and activities.


The Christian Treatment Center

Christian residential 12 step program for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Requires willingness to accept Jesus Christ as part of the solution throughout your substance abuse treatment plan.


Florida 877-443-7342
Christmas Creek Village

Adolescent & adult programs for a variety of psychological problems


Arkansas 877-9-NEWHOPE
Canopy's Cove

Christian-based eating disorder treatment programs for females and males of various ages, struggling with anorexia, bulimia nervosa, binge eating and co-existing diabetes


Florida 800-736-7524
Evangel House

We are a private, parent-choice therapeutic boarding school for girls offering 6th through 12th grades


Louisiana 800-924-4012
Eternal Awakenings

Faith-based rehabilitation program helps people effectively overcome the destructive power of alcohol and drug addiction"


Texas 888-858-4717
Grace Track for Christians

Alcohol and drug treatment from a Christian perspective


Coast to Coast 800-781-6113

Heartlight is a year-round therapeutic boarding school that helps troubled teens begin living a more fulfilling and less self-destructive lifestyle.


Texas 903-668-2173
His High Places

Sexual immorality, depression, burn out, and infidelity


North Carolina
Hope Ranch

Therapeutic boarding school for

adolescent girls


Hope by the Sea

Christian drug and alcohol rehab.  Faith-focused mission is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the least, the last & the lost.


California 800-708-3173
Integrity Way

Christian based transitional housing program (half-way house) for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.


Florida 888-469-8777

 Treat individuals, couples and families: anxiety, depression, grief,, ADD/ADHD, marital discord, parenting issues, or other mental health care or relationship needs


MD, PA, Tx,
The Minirth Christian Program

Offers full range of services: inpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization


Texas 800-789-HOPE
Montage Christian Treatment Center

Christian treatment for drug

and alcohol dependence


California 800-449-1625
Pacific Hills

Drug and alcohol treatment centers, inpatient and outpatient


AL, AR, CA, GA, MS, OK, SC, TN, TX 866-543-9484
Penfield Christian Homes

A Christ-centered ministry for reclaiming the lives of adult men suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol


Georgia 866-542-5378
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

Offers a full range of mental health services with treatment from a Christian perspective.


Michigan 800-678-5500
Pure Life Ministries

 Sexual sin and sexual addiction. 
Christian residental and at-home programs for men and women


Kentucky 888-PURELIFE
The Recovery

Christian Drug Addiction Treatment is a powerful program  combining traditional therapeutic interventions enhanced with a Christ-centered approach


Florida 888-494-6317
Redeemer's Recovery Ranch

Christian drug treatment center
for women over 18


North Carolina 704-545-1544
Renewal Christian Treatment and Recovery

A  faith-based mental health program offered by  Brookhaven Hospital


Oklahoma 866-428-8690
Remuda Ranch

Inpatient and residential programs for women, girls &  boys suffering from anorexia, bulimia, other eating disorders, and related issues such as anxiety disorders (OCD).


Arizona 888-724-0802
Rosewood Ranch

Intensive outpatient or extended care treatment for eating disorders, men and women


Arizoona 800-845-2211
Shepherd's Hill Academy

A Christ-centered therapeutic, wilderness style residential program and school for troubled teenage boys and girls age 12-17.


Georgia 706-779-5766
Salvation Army Adult Rehab. Centers

Provide spiritual, social and emotional assistance for men and women who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves. No Cost.


Throughout U.S.A. 800-728-7825

Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled or Struggling Teens: Self-Esteem problems, drugs, abuse,, anger, ADHD...


Missouri 800-584-8005
St. Joseph

Break free from drug and alcohol addiction. Non-denominational.  Faith-Based holistic approach to treatment.


Pennsylvania 888-777-1098
The Center

Addictions, Anger, Depression, Eating Disorders, Emotional and Sexual Abuse, Family/Marital problems and Spiritual Burnout


Washington 1-888-771-5166
Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center

Women's eating disorder, addiction,

self-harming or other destructive



Illinois 877-257-9611

Christian and Traditional Treatment,
Executive Treatment


Florida 877-209-1383
Trinity Teen Solutions

Christian boarding school for
troubled teen girls


Wyoming 1-307-645-3384
Troubled Teens in Ohio

If your troubled child needs Christian help then Ohio has some options...


Ohio Form
Valiant Recovery  
Christian Drug & Alcohol Addiction Inpatient Treatment.  We provide 16 hours of 1on1 counseling per month, with an entirely Christian Staff.

Canada & Florida 877.644.0433

Ministry committed to helping troubled teenage youths and their families. With over 40 years of experience in counseling teenage youths with alcohol and drug addiction, and teenage behavior problems


Tennessee 888-274-2036
    Washington 1.888.771.5166
A Vaillant Recovery







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Choosing A Residential Treatment Program

There a number of factors to consider when selecting a Christian Inpatient Treatment program. 

Disorders Addressed:

Treatment programs differ with respect to the nature of the disorder/disorders that are addressed.  One of the first decisions to make when considering inpatient counseling, is whether the facility treats your particular problem, or that of your loved one?

--Anxiety Disorders            --Eating Disorders          --Drug Addiction
--Depression                     --Alcohol Abuse            --Co-Occurring Disorders
--Child Behavior Problems    --Adolsecent Rebellion    --Sexual Addictions


Some of the facilities are co-ed, whereas others are exclusively for men or women.  Some have age restrictions and deal with only adolecences; others deal exclusively with adults.

    --Are there age restrictions? 
    --Is the program exclusively designed for men? Women? Adolescent Boys? Girls?
    --In adolescent programs, are the parents involved?  When? How?

Christian Orientation:

The facilities listed in the chart above were selected because they claim to approach therapy from a Christian orientation.  However, it is important to call or contact each facility to determine if their approach is similar to the Christian values that you hold.  Ask questions like:

--What is the general philosophy of treatment?  How are people healed?
--Is the program linked to a particular denomination of Christianity?
--Do the therapists use the Bible and/or scriptures during counseling?
--Do the therapists pray during counseling?
--What version of the Bible do the counselors use?
--Are clients given Christian materials to read/study?
--Are regular chapel services or church attendance expected and encouraged?
--Are times set aside for prayer?
--How does the treatament approach differ from a strictly secular approach?

Location of Facility:

Always check out the location of the facility.  Some of the residential facilities are located in beautiful settings that are conducive to healing.  Some settings are by the sea; others are in the mountains.  You will need to consider the cost of transportation and accessability of the facililty.

    --Which state is the program located in?
    --What type of setting? Mountain?  Seaside? Isolated? Rural? Urban?
    --How far away is the treatment setting?
    --How long will it take to travel there from where I live?
    --What forms of transportation will I need?  Plane? Car? Train?
    --How much money will transportation cost?

Rember, you can use Google Maps to get directions to the facility and find out how long it will take to get there by car.  Also, you may be able to scout out the general terrain and get a peak at surrounding geography by checking out the facility by downloading and using Google Earth.

Quality of Facility:

Try to go online and have a look around the treatment facilities.  They should have pictures and they may even have a webcam that is focused on the facilites or surrounding area. 

--Will you have your own room?  Or do you have to share with someone? 
--How are the rooms furnished?  TV? Cooking Facilities? Air Conditioning?
--What time is "lights out?"  Wake up time?  Noise levels in rooms?
--Do you have any physical limitations or special needs to consider?
--Can you take walks in the country?  By a stream? Waterfalls?
--What type of distances are involved when walking from one place to another?
--What is the food like?  Do you have any special dietary needs?  Allergies?
--Try to get hold of a sample menu.  Can you order your own food?.


A major factor to consider is cost.  Some of the facilities are non-profit.  Others are private pay. Some take insurance; others do not.  Take time to discuss finances with the person in charge of admissions.  Make sure you get things in writing, if you are offered special discounts or "scholarships."  Also, please contact your own insurance company to insure that you have coverage.  Double check that they cover the type of "disorder" that is being addressed. Once again, try to get something in writing, and keep track of the names and dates of people you talk to. 

--What is the estimated daily, weekly, or monthly cost?
--Do you take insurance, and is mine covered?
--Have my deductibles been met?
--Have I reached "maximum out of pocket?"
--Are there "extra costs" if I have special needs or requests?
--What happens if I need more treatment, but run out of money?
--Are there ways I could cut down on overall costs?
--Are any scholarships available for single moms/dads?
--If I pay cash, can I get a discount?
--Do you have any type of extended payment plans?

Staff and Staff Training:

You will want to closely evaluate the number of staff at the facility and their backgrounds and educational training. You will also want to inquire if there are medical staff available (nurses/doctors) at all times at the facility.  You will also want to know what emergency services are available.

--Is there a medical doctor on staff?  Does he/she live at the facility?
--What procedures are in place in case there is a medical emergency?
--Where is the nearest hospital and how long does it take to get there?
--What level of education do staff have?  Masters? Doctorates? Certifications?
--How long have the therapists been in practice?
--How many hours of individual (one-on-one) therapy are given to each client?
--How many hours of group theapy will the individual receive?

Ongoing Schooling:

For children entering a program who are school, it is important to consider what type of education you child will receive during his/her stay at the treatment facility...

--Is school available for school-aged children who are in the facility?
--How many hours a day will the child be expected to be in school?
--What will the curriculum be composed of?
--Will there be a certified teacher in charge of education?
--How is progress assessed?  Tests?  Papers?
--Who will communicate back to my child's school?

Sports/Activities Available:

Be sure to explore the types of extracurricular activities are possible at the particular facility?  You may be paying a lot of money for residential treatment, so you will want to make sure you are getting quality services.

--Sports (baseball, basketball, softball, tennis, etc.)
--Walks, trails, mountains, falls, rivers, boating, canoeing, sailing, etc.
--Swimming?  Horseback riding?
--Arts and crafts?  Painting?