Spirituality Course


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Christian Experiences and Beliefs
By, Dr. Brian Campbell © 2013

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 I attended church regularly as a child.  (Approximately weekly).

 One or both of my parents claimed to be a Christian.

 I liked going to church as a child.

 One or both of my parents worked in part-time or full-time Christian ministry.

 When I look back on my childhood, I feel that Christianity was forced on me as a child.

 As a child, no one ever taught me about God.

 My parents were both devout Christians.

 As a child, my church was very conservative and legalistic (focused on rules).

 As a youth, I regularly participated in my church youth group.

 As a youth, I went on mission trips with my youth group.

 Since my earliest childhood memories, I have loved the Lord.

 As a child, although my parents went to church, they did not really live Christian lives.

 My parents were openly hostile towards church and God.

 I am a preacher’s kid (PK).

 I am a missionary kid (MK).

 As a youth, my parents had to force me to go to church.

 I went to Vacation Bible School as a child.

 Although my parents never went to church, someone else took me.

 As a child, I felt God’s love at church.

 As a child, I took confirmation classes or studied for my first communion.

 I gave my life to God as a child and had a “born again” experience.

 I studied the Bible and learned Bible verses as a child.

 My parents prayed with me as a child and taught me to pray.
 As an adult, I pray on a regular daily basis.
 I believe in the power of prayer and that God can perform miracles when we pray.

 As a child, I never really understood what church was about.

 As a youth, I wasn’t allowed to go to dances or listen to non-Christian music.

 As a child, I cried out to God, but He didn’t answer me.

 I feel I was abused by Christians as a child.

 As a child, I never really believed in God.

 As a child, I thought of God as someone who would punish you if you were bad.

 I consider myself to be a “born again” Christian.

 I have my doubts that heaven really exists.

 I have doubts about whether I am really saved.

 I believe “once saved, always saved.” You can’t lose your salvation once you are saved.

 I believe that God has chosen certain people to be saved and not others.

 I believe that the Bible is flawless (inerrant)—the perfect Word of God.

 I have my doubts about the Old Testament but I believe in the New Testament.

 I believe that Jesus Christ was God, and not just a wise man.

 I believe in the teachings of Christ, but deep down I don’t really think he was God.

 I believe that God is omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing

 I believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins.

 I believe that if children die without knowing Jesus, they will still go to heaven.

 I believe that there is an actual place called Hell.

 I believe you can “backslide” and lose your salvation (even if you were once saved).

 I believe that you should regularly confess your sins to a priest.

 I  believe that communion bread & wine actually turn into the body and blood of Christ.

 I believe that Jesus can forgive all sins, no matter how “bad” they are.

 I believe that once Jesus forgives my sins, God is not even aware of them.

 I believe I will see my family again once I die and go to heaven.

 I believe that all mental illness is a result of the person’s sin.

 I really don’t have to worry about anything I do, because I am “saved.”

 I believe that some sins are worse than other sins.

 I believe that all human beings sin—even “born again” Christians.

 I don’t know much about the “Holy Spirit.”

 I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life.

 I believe in the power of prayer. 

 I believe that God answers our prayers.

 I have an active and ongoing prayer life.

 I believe in miracles.

 I believe that miracles only happened in the times of Jesus and his apostles.

 God has performed miracles in my life.

 I feel close to God and His presence.

 I feel I have drifted away from God and His influence on my life.

 I am having a crisis of faith.  I don’t know what I believe any more.

 If God is “all loving,” I don’t understand why good people suffer.

 I used to feel close to God, but now I feel He is very far away.

 I have almost given up hope that God will rescue me.

 I believe that pain and suffering can be good for human beings.

 I believe that if I follow God, I will be rewarded with money and prosperity.

 I believe that there are always consequences for sin.

 I believe that God is punishing me for my sins.

 Although I know that God forgives sins, I can’t seem to forgive myself.