Integration Course

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Integrated Christian Counseling


Dr. Brian Campbell


If your counseling is limited to the 45-60 minute counseling session, once per week, then you may not notice much change in your counselees.  Most of your clients will have developed their faulty thinking patterns over many years—if not decades.  Helping them to change their underlying faulty beliefs can take a great deal of time, effort, and education.

Fortunately, there are tremendous resources available to help your clients “in-between” counseling sessions.  I have personally compiled a large number of Christian Counseling Books and placed them in a reference library.  Click the image below to visit the Library.


Please take time to review this Christian Counseling Library.  There are literally hundreds of books that I have compiled under a wide range of Christian Counseling topics.  These books can be ordered directly from the website by “clicking through” to

Remember, the process of helping clients change their thinking is fundamentally a process of re-educating faulty thinking patterns.  I very frequently refer my clients to Christ-centered books that augment my counseling.  You will probably be amazed at how much quality information is available to assist your counseling.

For example, I often refer my marital couples to a daily devotional specifically designed for couples.  Or, I may refer them to a book on how to survive marital infidelity, boundaries in marriage, etc.  All these resources can be tremendously helpful in counseling.

Bottom line…take full advantage of the resources God has given us as counselors to help His children.


Dr. Campbell