Week “0” (January 11th – 17th)

Students gain access to their Spring B courses on Wednesday of this week.  Therefore, the three items below need to be setup in your course(s) by midnight on Monday, January 11th. (At the end of this document is a shortcut to posting Announcements and Faculty Information to multiple courses quickly. Feel free to consult it for adding content efficiently.)

1.       Welcome Announcement  (click title for tutorial)

2.       Faculty Information (click title for tutorial)

3.       Check Course Content (click title for tutorial)

Week “1” (January 18th – 24th) There are four items that need to be completed during Week 1.  Below you will find screen shots and links to tutorials for the four items that must be completed during Week 1.

1.       Initial Roster Verification  (click title for tutorial)

Due by Noon on Wednesday, January 20th  

From the Control Panel of your course, click Course Tools


In the Course Tools section, click Student Roster


On the Student Roster page, click Post Attendance at the bottom-right of the page.  (In the image below, student information has been blocked due to privacy concerns.)


2.       Final Roster Verification (click title for tutorial; same steps as above)

Due by 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 24th  

3.      Discussion Board Group Setup (click title for tutorial; as applicable)

The group management process has changed! The old method will no longer work. Click the tutorial for assistance with the new process.

If your course utilizes groups in the Discussion Boards, the groups are pre-loaded but students need to be assigned to groups. Use the link for assistance in adding students to groups.



4.       Synchronize SafeAssign (click title for tutorial; as applicable)

It is a good idea to sync SafeAssign again in week 2, because changes to the roster cause need for re-syncing. Keep this in mind throughout your course.

Weeks 2 – 8 (January 25th – March 11th)

1.       Stay in close communication with your students by posting weekly announcements and sending/responding to emails, etc., monitoring students who are not participating and sending the 14 Day and 21 Day FN Notifications.

2.       During week 8, the final date to submit coursework is Friday, as per university deadlines. Late work should only be acceptance on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the LU late policy.

Post Sub-Term Task (Sunday, March 20th at 11:59PM)

1.     Post Final Grades

As of the spring semester, the final grade for each student should be posted once you have completed grading for him/her. Please do not wait to post the entire course at once.

All final grades for the Spring B sub-term must be posted on Sunday, March 20th at 11:59PM.  Click the link above to view a tutorial if you need assistance in posting final grades.


2.     Spring B Pay Date: April 15th, 2016


1.       Copy Announcements and Faculty Information (click title for tutorial)

If you’re teaching multiple sections of the same course, or you teach the same course each term, you can copy the Announcements and Faculty Information from course to course.  Click the link to learn how.