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Group Discussion Board Forum 2 (Primer)


For discussion this module/week, we consider how to counsel suffering clients. The class lectures, Entwistle, and McMinn all discuss the concept of suffering and factors guiding how we counsel those who are suffering. In fact, a careful reading of the Reading & Study materials indicates numerous concepts and principles that we could apply as we counsel those who are hurting.

1.      Considering the numerous points that were made, make a list of at least 5 concepts (“questions to ask myself as I counsel those who are suffering. . . “) that you found particularly helpful, insightful, unique, or had not thought about before. What guidelines would you particularly emphasize as you counsel hurting people?


2.      Then consider this client’s statement: Client: “Dr. Counselor, I have been coming to you now for six weeks. I am not sure that counseling is working. I don’t feel any better now than when we started talking. Why are you not helping to remove this pain that I am feeling?” If your client expects that you help to remove the suffering, how would you respond, based on what you learned from your study for the week?


Reply: As you reply to your classmates, probe their answers. Did they justify why their list of concepts was so important—or non-obvious? Was their answer to the client persuasive?

In all your discussion board work for this module/week, make sure to integrate appropriate concepts from the class sources, and cite correctly, per current APA format. 

Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday and your replies by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday.






Group Discussion Board Rubric (Forum 2)

Enhanced by: Dr. Brian Campbell (Ver. 2.0)






Thread Content & Organization (25 Points)


·         All key components of the DB question are answered in the thread including the appropriate analysis and evaluation, or application; thoughtful analysis could include considering assumptions, analyzing implications, or other ideas suggested by your professor


All key components addressed

            Adequate coverage of key components

            Excellent coverage of key components

.           Needs more work/effort. 

            Key components missing or inadequate.


·         Class concepts (from the lectures and texts) are reviewed as appropriate. Y  N  Needs work


·         The thread is of sufficient length to provide the necessary information and provide appropriate analysis/evaluation/application.

            Y  N Insufficient length


·         Major points are supported primarily by class content and secondarily by personal example.  Y   N

Needs more emphasis on class content


·         As appropriate, the thread contains an integration of a Christian worldview, using biblical themes/quotes where applicable.

             Y N Lacking and/or needs more attention


           A                                B                                      C                                     D

100(25)  96(24)

92(23)  88(22)  84(21)

 80(20)  76(19)

72(18)  68(17)




56(14)   52(13)  48(12)  44(11)  40(10)  36(9)  32(8)  28(7)  24(6)  20(5)  16(4)  12(3)  8(2)  4(1)





Key Components:


--Lists five concepts that you feel can be useful in helping hurting people.

Y  N Partial


--Discusses guidelines you would particularly emphasize as you counsel hurting people.

Y  N Partial


--Discusses what you would do if your client expects you to help to remove his/her suffering; how would you respond, based on what you learned from your study for the week?

Y  N Partial



Replies (15 Points)


·         Focus on  meaningful points made in at least 2 other students’ initial posts. 

  Responds to two other student posts

  Responds to only one other student post

             Zero responses to other posts


·         Respond in a way to deepen the discussion by challenging thinking, adding related ideas, disagreeing appropriately, asking for clarification, etc.


            Elements present (not all required):

               Challenges thinking

               Adds related ideas

               Disagrees appropriately

               Asks for clarification


·         Provide substantive additional thoughts regarding the student’s thread. Student explains rationale for comments to classmate.


           Substantive additional thoughts :

                        Y   N  Partial   Needs Improvement:

           Rationale for comments explained 

                        Y   N Partial    Needs Improvement:


·         Contains a logical, clear flow, and any appropriate citations and references.


Logical flow:  Y   N Needs more work

Appropriate References: Y   N Partial:


·         Professors may ask students to provide a thoughtful response to follow up questions or insights provided by the professor. 

Y   N   Inadequate:


·         Length of response posts is sufficient to fulfill requirements.

   Sufficient  Insufficient


Grade Key

       A               B               C                       D                     F

100(15)   93(14)




67(10)   60(9)  53(8)   47(7)   40(6)   33(5)







Writing (7 Points)


·         Ideas are clearly presented, sentences constructed, and paragraphs organized commensurate with graduate level work. 



  Very Good


 More work needed on sentence construction and organization of paragraphs.


·         Writing is free from grammatical, punctuation, and other writing errors.

  Grammatical errors

             Punctuation errors

             Other writing errors


·         Presentation may contain appropriate formatting such as lists, bullets, highlighting, etc., as appropriate.


Areas of concern: (CTRL-Left Click for help)


Antecedent-Pronoun Agreement Tutorial


Sentence Fragments


Spelling Errors.

Subject-Verb Agreement


Quotation Marks and Punctuation









Please study Meet the Paragraph for help on writing paragraphs.

It was difficult at times to follow the points you were making because of errors in writing mechanics.

Please utilize the Final Checklist for Group Discussion Board Posts

Please contact the graduate Online Writing Center for help with writing.  Also, utilize ; this service (available to LU students) is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

APA Format (3 Points)


·         Citations and references are in current APA format.

            Errors in APA format of in-text citations

            Errors in APA format of reference(s)


·         Supporting information is appropriately cited.


            Appropriate citations missing/inadequate









50(100)   49(98)   48(96)  47(94)   46(92)

A = 92-100

45(90)    44(88)   43(86)   42(84)  

B = 84-92

41(82)   40(80)   39(78)   38(76)

C = 76-82

37 (74)   36(72)   35(70)   34(68)

D = 68 -74




33(66)   32(64)  31(62)  30(60)


29(58)   28(56)  27(54)   26(52)


25(50)   24(48)   23(46)   22(44)


21(42)   20(40)  19(38)   18(36)


17(34)   16(32)   15(30)   14(28)


13(26)   12(24)  11(22)   10(20)



F – Below 68



Concepts When Considering Suffering


Building Trust

Empathy and Compassion

Shared Suffering



Clarify Your Role

Different Sources of Suffering

Be an Astute Observer

Importance of Listening

Observe Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

Solidarity of Presence

Compassion and Care

Providing Hope


Irrational Thinking

Confront Faulty Thinking—Importance of Truth

Inner Space Dynamics—Change from  the inside-out

Grace and Truth


Holy Spirit

Redemptive Function of Suffering

Love and Respect

Scriptures   Prayer









If Your Client Expects You to Help Remove Suffering


We are Not Magicians:  We Do Not Have Answers to All Their Problems


Suffering is Unavoidable (Fallenness)


Suffering Can be Redemptive


Suffering can Produce Brokenness (Which Can be Healthy)


Discomfort Often Motivates Insight


God Uses Pain to Bring People to Maturity


God Can Use Pain to Shape Character


Pain Can Help Clients See Themselves, Others, and God More Accurately


Healthy Awareness of Human Fallenness Enhances our Relationship


Suffering Can Get Our Eyes Off Ourselves and onto God’s Magnificent Character