Integration Course

My Family

Liberty University Commencement 2104
Molly Campbell, Daughter-in-Law  (Married to Shawn--oldest son)
Shawn Campbell  Oldest son  
Oliver Campbell (Grandson--Sleeping)
Colin Campbell  Youngest Son (Law School Graduation, LU)
Victoria Campbell  Daughter-in-Law (Married to Colin)
Henry Campbell  (Grandson--Shawn's oldest son)
Amy Campbell  (Daughter)
Brian Campbell  (Awards Ceremony, First Place, President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2014)
Claire Campbell (Wife of 36 years)


Molly:  Bachelors in Finance, NC State

Shawn:  Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering, NC State; Masters in Engineering
Management, Duke University

Victoria, Bachelors in Elementary Education, UNC Chapel Hill

Colin, Bachelors in Political Science and English, UNC Chapel Hill; J.D. Law, Liberty University

Amy, Nursing Degree, Un. of N. Florida

Brian, Bachelors in Psychology, Grove City College, PA; Ph.D. Un. of St. Andrews, Scotland

Claire, Bachelors in Psychology, Un. of St. Andrews, Scotland

Cameron Meyer (Amy's Husband) and kids:  Caleb, Mackenzie, and Addison

Amy's Kids:   Addison (3), Mackenzie (6), Caleb (4)