Integration Course

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Journal Article Review

Last Minute Check



Dear Students:

Before you turn in your Journal Article Review, you must do the following:

  1. Download the Journal Article Review Template and use it when writing your review.
  2. Turn on Word’s “Proofing” function and use it before turning in your paper.
  3. Complete the following:  Final Checklist for the Journal Article Review.
  4. Review my Sample Journal Article Review
  5. Turn on Word's "References" and utilize it to format your reference.

Also, make sure you have read all the grammar and writing "helps" that I have sent you.

Please know that I am a stickler for grammar, syntax, and punctuation.  You are in graduate school, and the expectation for writing is high. If you want to be successful in this course, you will pay special attention to developing your writing skills.  If you know in advance that you have difficulties with writing, you may want to contact the LU writing lab or utilize

Finally, before turning in your paper, carefully look over the grading rubric for the journal article reviews.  Check to make sure that you have complied with the features that will be graded.


You will see from the Course Spreadsheet and Course Syllabus, that the Journal Article Review is worth 100 points.  In order to help motivate you towards professional writing mechanics, I am prepared to give you bonus points, as follows:

  3  Point Bonus:  All paragraphs in your paper are a maximum of 4-5 sentences long, with only one main topic, and with appropriate transitions from one paragraph to another  

      (See:  "Meet the paragraph").

  3  Point Bonus:  There are zero errors in Antecedent-Pronoun agreement throughout your paper.

  3  Point Bonus:  Your Reference at the end of your paper is formatted correctly (100%, without errors).

  3  Point Bonus:  Your "Title Page," "Running Head," and all subsequent headings are formatted correctly (Hint: Use the template I provided).

  3  Point Bonus:  You have made zero comma errors.

The maximum score you can obtain on the Journal Article Review is 100.  Bonus points will be given up to a maximum score of 100.  

Believe me, I have taught this course many times, and you are probably going to need all the points you can get.  This is a VERY difficult course.  So, please take advantage of these bonus points.

These bonus points will only be in effect for this first Journal Article Review.

In order to receive any bonus points, you must complete all of the following:

1.  Plagiarism Confirmation Form:  This form indicates that you have reviewed the information (videos and handout) on how to avoid plagiarism.

2.  Completed the Tutorial on Antecedent-Pronoun Agreement

3.  Complete the verification that you uilized the:  Final Checklist for the Journal Article Review.


Dr. Campbell