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The Mentally Healthy Christian

(Dr. Brian Campbell)

Dear Students:

What does a mentally healthy Christian “look like?”  How does he or she think, act, and deal with things emotionally?  Modern science has produced volumes of information on the topic of mental illness.  By comparison, scarcely anything has been written about the characteristics of mentally healthy individuals. 

The current state of affairs is all the more remarkable given the fact that the Bible is overflowing with pearls of wisdom and guidance on how to live a mentally healthy life, and it highlights the life and teachings of the only perfectly mentally healthy person who ever lived—Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

I have prepared a video based on my book, “Christlike: Walking the Walk.”  In general, the process of Christian counseling involves helping people become more Christlike.  Although this process typically takes place over a lifetime (and is never entirely accomplished), the Bible provides many healthy “practices” we can adopt in order to help facilitate our growth, purification, and sanctification.

As you study the process of Christian counseling, I pray that you will learn how to help your clients become more Christlike.  It is my heartfelt prayer that your own life will some day resemble the mentally healthy Christian described in the following video. 

I have not had time to fully annotate the video, but I will offer it to you in its pre-production status. 

For scriptures on this topic, please consult my internet site and a chapter I wrote on Healthy Thinking.  

Dr. Campbell