Integration Course

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COUN 507 - Theology and Spirituality in Counseling


The following represents an additive template for grading. Instead of beginning with 150 and losing points for errors, you begin with a 0 and earn points for your work in determining your grade. Your Personal Theory Paper will be evaluated based on the following foundational elements.


“How do the various readings we have completed contribute to the development of my personal theory of counseling?”


1. What is Important for Understanding Human Personality?           Value:  37.5 Points

  • Development and structure of personality
  • The source, role and function of motivation
  • Theory of human development and individual differences


2. Where are Problems Developed?                                                         Value: 30 Points

  • Conceptualizing health and wellness
  • Conceptualizing illness – psychological & spiritual
  • Role of integration and multitasking


3. How to Source Problems and Structure Effective Intervention?        Value: 30 Points

  • Key elements of a comprehensive theory
  • Process and techniques that guide the therapeutic process
  • Demonstration of effectiveness


4. How does my Worldview influence my Theory?                                 Value: 30 Points

  • View of psychology, theology, and spirituality
  • Approach to integration
  • Conclusion


5. Formatting / Academic Writing Style                                                Value: 22.5 Points


  • Assignment includes a proper Title Page, Abstract, and Reference Page
  • Written in an organized manner, includes headings for each major section
  • Typographically and grammatically correct (including sentence structure)
  • Margins, paragraph indentions, and font size/style are correct