Integration Course

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Forum 4: Discussion Board Post Primer

As you consider how you will address Jean’s sin, be sure to carefully read the information available from her case study. Here are some factors that you might want to consider in your response:

1.       Jean’s diagnosis

2.       Jean’s early childhood history

3.       Jean’s “profession of faith”

4.       The response of the pastor’s wife to Jean’s pregnancy

5.       Her suicidal attempt

As you consider this case, and the general topic of confrontation, feel free to speculate about other factors that might “come into play” in Jean’s case—factors that are not immediate obvious in the case presentation.  For example, if Jean had an Axis II personality disorder, how would this influence your decision making?  As you discuss your decision-making process, make sure you justify your decisions by citing concepts derived from your textbook.

Please note:  As you consider this case, you will be confronted with determining your own “worldview” and theological stance with regard to sin, and with regard to forgiveness.  To help clarify your stance on these topics, please read and download the following chapters (from “Godly Counsel”) which are available from Dr. Campbell’s website:

1.       Sin, Consequences

2.       Forgive/Forgiveness

Also, prior to developing your post, take time to prayerfully consider how Christ might respond to Jean’s sin.  As you do, you might want to consider Christ’s response to the woman who was caught in adultery (John 8: 1-11).