Integration Course

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Questioning Your Beliefs

By, Brian Campbell, PhD, © 2013



Instructions:  The challenging questions listed below can be used to attack faulty beliefs, negative thoughts, or negative “self-talk.”  In the space below, list an irrational belief or lie that you have accepted as being true (e.g, This is hopeless; I’m stupid; I’ll never get over this; This is the worst thing that could possibly happen…).





Next, go through the list of questions below and put a check mark next to any of the questions that “speak to” or that “call into question” the validity of your faulty belief.  Then go back and underline the questions.  Finally, copy the irrational belief and the relevant questions you have identified to a 3-by-5 card and keep the card with you in your pocket or purse.  Read the card regularly each day for the next week.






_____ How might Christ view this problem/situation?

_____ How does the Bible speak to this?

_____ What would Christ do in this situation?

_____ How does my problem compare to being nailed on a cross?

_____ How might an all-loving God look at me or this situation?

_____ How does my problem compare to my eternal salvation?

_____ Can my negative thoughts defeat the Creator of the universe?

_____ Does my thinking reflect God’s will or my will?

_____ Is my problem really too big for God?

_____ Is anything impossible for the Creator of the Universe?

_____ Do I need to "let go and let God” work in my life?

_____ Am I putting God first in my life?

_____ Do I have my priorities right?

_____ How does God see me through His eyes?

_____ Has God given up hope that things will get better for me?
_____ Are my thoughts consistent with God’s plan for my life?

_____ Have I prayed about this situation?’

_____ If I die tonight, how much will this matter?

_____ What will material things matter on judgment day?

_____ If I told Jesus my belief, would He agree with me?

_____ Have I overlooked some of the gifts that God has given me?

_____ Won’t God forgive me if I just ask?
_____ Are my sins really too big for the God of the universe to forgive?
_____ Is anyone perfect?  Haven’t we all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God?

_____ Hasn’t God given me free will and the ability to change?

_____ Does God still love me despite my faults or limitations?





_____ Are there other ways of looking at this situation?

_____ Am I exaggerating the significance of what happened?

_____ How long do I plan to keep holding on to this false belief?

_____ Am I keeping things in perspective?

_____ Am I blowing things up way out of proportion?
_____ Is it possible that I’m exaggerating the significance of this?

_____ How does this problem compare to dying of AIDS?

_____ Is it possible that I’ve been believing a lie my entire life?

_____ How will I feel about this problem/event ten years from now?

_____ What's the actual evidence for my belief?

_____ Just because my parents or others told me this, does that make it true?
_____ Is it possible that my parents or others taught me unhealthy thinking?

_____ Is it possible that I am distorting the facts?
_____ If the worst thing happens, why is it so horrible?

_____ What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen, and “So what!”

_____ Will I shrivel up and die if this happens?

_____ Are there things that I can learn from my mistakes?

_____ Have I stepped back and looked at the big picture?

_____ Do I really have to be perfect?  Is any human being perfect?

_____ What are some of the best arguments against my belief/conclusion?

_____ Do I have my priorities right?

_____ What are the odds that the thing I dread will actually happen?

_____ Can I really predict the future?

_____ How often do the things I worry about actually occur?

_____ Am I exaggerating the likelihood that this event will occur?

_____ If I were a betting person, would I bet a million dollars that the thing I dread will happen?

_____ Is it possible to change the past?

_____ Am I underestimating my ability to cope?

_____ Have I dealt with problems like this in the past?

_____ Am I being too hard on myself?

_____ Am I really the cause of the problem, or did someone just try to convince me that I am?

_____ How might someone else look at this situation?

_____ Am I exaggerating my faults or limitations?

_____ Doesn't everyone have good points and bad points?

_____ How much do I really need to live on?

_____ Even if my thoughts are true, do I want to live the rest of my life this way?

_____ Is this really the most important thing in life?

_____ Does everyone have to like me in order for me to be happy?

_____ Do I really need my parent’s love to survive?

_____ How have other people handled situations like mine?

_____ How might a good friend view this situation?

_____ How long do I plan to stay depressed or anxious?

_____ What are some ways that I could make my situation worse?

_____ What are some positive things I could learn from this?

_____ What are some of the blessings God has given me?

_____ Am I completely destined to stay this way my whole life?

_____ Am I absolutely certain that nothing can be done about this problem/situation?