Integration Course

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Test Taking Tips:

Dr. Lois Mayo

1.      Skim all the material quickly using a highlighter to note apparently key things. Do not read for detail or for comprehension the first time through.


2.      Start over and read the material with a note pad and pen ready as well as your highlighter. Make notes as you go with page numbers to go with various topics. Knowing the location of information is 60% of test taking and memory jogging. Have these notes in front of you as you begin the test. 


3.      Make copies of the power point presentations and have them lying out in front of you as you take the test.  The cartridge of ink you purchase will be worth the organization of having hard copies for quick access.  You can copy notes by following these steps:  click on the Presentation Notes tab (second tab on top left corner of the slide show) within the presentation, select the notes you desire to copy, right click, and select copy.  You may then paste the notes into a Word document. Students who have done this in the past most often do better on the exams; students who have printed off the lecture notes and spent time studying their notes along with course reading have the greatest chance of excelling.


4.      Study in 45 minute blocks. Get up, move around, and take care of needs for relief, food, drink etc. and move around.  Believe it or not your mind does not quit working when you get up. It is "incubating." The break gives your memory a chance to catch up. Numerous studies show that Massed (cramming) and Spaced (Intermittent) study produce drastically different results. High intensity 45 min bursts with a break will earn you 25% more retention than going for 2-3 hours without a break.


5.      Pray over your studies, test preparation, and test taking.  Ask God to help you concentrate, think clearly, understand the material, and apply it as He would have you to and for His glory.


6.      We all have biorhythms i.e., there are times of the day we are at our best and other times we are at our worst. ALWAYS TAKE TESTS WHEN YOU ARE AT YOUR BEST biorhythmically.  NEVER TAKE A TEST WHEN YOU ARE EXPERIENCING any of the following: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired (HALT).  I realize that each of you have very busy schedules, but do the best you are able given the circumstances of life you are facing. 


7.      Remember that these are timed tests (60 minutes).  There is no automatic timer on the test screen which stops you or warns you that the time has expired.  You will need to keep track of your own time.  So if you continue taking the test without submitting it beyond the allotted time, you will be penalized for each minute you exceed the 60 minute time allowance.  I will make the grade adjustments once the test is submitted if you have gone over the time limit.


8.      Remember He will not leave you or forsake you especially during the test taking. With prayer and dedicated prep you can do well on these tests.  But they do require preparation.