"Theology and Spirituality in Counseling"

These resources are still under development.  Please check back as the course progresses.  I will let you know when each is completed.  Dr. Campbell

Course Spreadsheet  
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A comprehensive Course Spreadsheet for the 507: Integration class.  Includes: day-by-day study guide, assignments, Christian music, and journal articles.
Book Critique Documents  
Theory Critique Template
This template assures compliance with the formatting elements required in the Theory Critique assignments.
Sample Journal Book Critique
(Coming Soon)
Final Checklist for Theory Critiques
This checklist is to be used with theory critiques.
Personal Theory  Documents  
Personal Theory Basic Template
This template assures compliance with formatting elements required for the Personal Theory Paper.
Constructing An Abstract  
Dr. Campbell's Personal Theory (Draft)  
Discussion Board Documents  
Forum 1: Sample Discussion Board Post
A sample post written by Dr. Campbell
Forum 1: Sample 2  Group Discussion Board
Forum 1: Primer for Group Discussion Board
Primer post by Dr. Campbell for Forum 1: GDB Posts
Forum 2: Primer1 for Group Discussion Board
Primer post by Dr. Campbell for Forum 2: GDB Posts
Forum 2: Primer2 for Group Discussion Board
Primer post by Dr. Campbell for Forum 2: GDB Posts
Forum 3: Primer Post for Group Discussion Board
Primer post by Dr. Campbell for Forum 3: GDB
Final Checklist for Group Discussion Board Posts
A checklist based on the document: "How to Be Successful on Discussion Board Posts." 
How to Be Successful on Discussion Board Posts
Discusses expectations for Group Discussion Board Posts.  Also includes important information on grammar and punctuation.
Discussion Board Video
Dr. Campbell discusses expectations for discussion board posts. 
Grammar/Writing Documents  
Antecedent-Pronoun Agreement
Provides the rules for antecedent-pronoun agreement, together with examples and links to additional resources.  This is one of the most common grammatical errors made by students.
Basic Citations and References Examples
Essential information on APA citation format.  Specific examples of in-text and citations and references for the 506 class are given.
Basic Writing Mechanics
Common writing errors that students make.  Explanation and important links concerning errors.
Citations Within a Paragraph
Many students incorrectly believe that they can put a citation at the end of paragraph to "cover" everything contained in the paragraph.  This constitutes "unintentional" plagiarism.
How to Avoid Plagiarism
Discusses plagiarism and ways to avoid it.
Instructions for Entering References into Word's "References" Feature.  Dr. Campbell shows you how to enter your references into Word's "References."  
Meet the Paragraph
The paragraph is the most essential element in expert writing.  Discover how to write professionally.
Integration Documents Click to View Ebook
Confidentiality and Record Keeping:  Dr. Campbell describes Florida's statues for psychologist on the topics of confidentiality and record keeping.  
Levels of Analysis:  An Explanation of the Difference between "Integration" and "Multitasking."  Dr. Campbell provides a theoretical model to help students distinguish between the process of integration vs. multitasking  
My Thoughts on Demonic Possession
Dr. Campbell discusses the topic of demonic possession--how frequently does this occur in clinical practice?
Reflections on Psychology and Behavior Modification:
Dr. Campbell discusses the integration of behavior modification into the Christian counseling enterprise.

Some Thoughts on Prayer in Christian Counseling:
Dr. Campbell discusses how he uses prayer in Christian counseling.
The Process of Christian Counseling
Dr. Campbell discusses his counseling practice, including opening up an office, intakes, diagnosis, and treatment.
The Myth of Genetic Homosexuality
Dr. Campbell discussed the "lies" associated with homosexuality, and the truth about this behavior.
Testosterone Rules!
Dr. Campbell discusses the role of testosterone in human sexuality, male/female differences, and implications for Christian marriages.
Toward the Integration of Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Therapy:
Dr. Campbell discusses the integration of behavior modification technology with cognitive-therapy.
Treating Anxiety Disorders: An Integrated Approach
Dr. Campbell discusses an integrated approach to treating anxiety disorders.
Treating Anxiety Disorders: An Integrated Approach 
A Case of Schizophrenia: Towards Integration
Dr. Campbell discusses a case of schizophrenia related to extreme sexual molestation.
Clinical Tools  
Adult Client History:  This client history was developed by Dr. Campbell used in his clinical practice.  
Christian Experiences and Beliefs Checklist:
This client checklist helps therapists identify the client's core beliefs regarding Christian doctrines and provides an assessment of background information regarding religious training and upbringing.  This knowledge is essential to "good practices" in Christian counseling.
Client Handbook:  This handbook provides basic contractual obligations and understandings between client and therapist.  Required HIPPA information is also included.  This handbook is for sample purposes only.  Dr. Campbell does not guarantee the accuracy or legal validity of the document.  Regulations change from time to time, so the accuracy of the document cannot be guaranteed.  
Consent for Treatment:  This Consent Form is used in conjunction with the "Client Handbook."  It provides authorization for treatment and agreement with the contents of the "Client Handbook."  
Discover the Lies:  This tool is used to discover irrational beliefs and thoughts associated with depression.  
Major Depression Information:  This pamphlet developed by Dr. Campbell can be used to give to clients.  It contains basic information on Major Depression, including information on antidepressants.  
Medications with Side-Effects of Depression:
This clinical tool was developed by Dr. Campbell to help counselors identify client medications that may produce symptoms of depression.
Parental Patterns:  Dr. Campbell developed this form to help counselors identify irrational beliefs that parents teach children.  
Questioning Your Beliefs  This clinical tool was developed by Dr. Campbell to help clients question the validity of faulty, irrational beliefs (lies).