Spirituality Course



(Dr. Brian Campbell)


1.         Belief:  "I must work harder."  "I must obtain more things."

            Other Related beliefs:

            Material things are extremely important.

            Money and wealth bring security and happiness.

            If I work harder then I'll "make it."

            I must "keep up with the Jones."

2.         Consequence:  Unhappiness; stress; anxiety; jealousy; greed; depression


3.         Characteristics of Materialists:

____    Focus on making more money and obtaining more things.

____    Overly concerned about worldly "things."

____    Place a priority on their job.

____    Are most comfortable when working.

____    Tend to worry if not working and being "productive."

____    Never quite satisfied with what they have.

____    Are jealous of the wealth of others.

____    The grass is always greener on the other side.

____    Find it hard to "unwind" and relax.

____    Frequently compare their material wealth with that of others.

____    Fear that other people will take their things.

____    Tend to be self-centered and focus on their own needs.


4.         Self-Talk:

____    I must work harder.

____    I can't stand being poor.

____    It's horrible if you're poor.

____    Success is the most important thing in life.

____    I need to have more money to be happy.

____    I really need that.

____    I've just got to have that.

____    I should have as much as everyone else.

____    I can't be happy unless I have as much as everyone else.

____    If I can only get that thing, then I'll be happy.

____    Why don't I have more?

____    It's not fair if I don't have as much as everyone else.


5.         General Advice:  "Put God first."


6.         Thoughtbusters:



____    Do I have my priorities right in life?

____    Am I going to take any of this with me when I die?

____    When is enough, enough?

____    How much do I really need to live on?

____    How much loss is there really to me?

____    How would a person from Somalia look at my situation?     

____    Quit your bellyaching!



____    Am I putting God first in my life?

____    Am I worshiping other gods?

____    What good is it if I gain the whole world but go to Hell?

____    Will my material things matter on the judgment day?

____    Was Christ "wealthy" in terms of material things?

____    Do I really "own" anything in this world?

____    Does God really care how much money I make each year?

____    Is God the first thing on my mind in the morning?

____    If I die tonight, how much will all this matter?

____    Am I losing track of the main purpose in life?

____    Do I have my priorities right?

____    Have I given everything to God?

____    Could I give up all my material possessions to follow God?

____    If I lost all my material possessions, would it affect my relationship with God?


7.         Self-Statements/Affirmations:

____    I only need God.

____    God first...everything else second.

____    Turn back to God.

____    God's love is all I need.

____    I don't need the love and admiration of others.

____    God doesn't settle for second best.

____    Everything I have belongs to God.

____    Consider the lilies.

____    I ate yesterday; I ate today; I'll probably eat tomorrow.

____    Even if I lose all my possessions, I still have God.

____    The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

____    Everything in this world will pass away.


8.         Biblical Truths:




                        *  Envy/Jealousy

                        *  Giving

                        *  Greedy/Stingy

                        *  Money

                        *  Poverty

                        *  Riches, Beware of

                        *  Riches, True

                        *  Worldly


10.       Activities:

                          *  Volunteer for a "soup kitchen"

                          *  Do a volunteer service project.

                          *  Tithe to the church.

                          *  Adopt a third world child.


11.       Prayer:  "Put God First" 



(Prayer) (Dr. Brian Campbell)


"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Matt 6:33)

Almighty Father,

            I have been foolish!  I have been distracted by false gods.  Family, friends, materialism, and a million other things have beckoned me to turn away from You.  I have been shaken and unsettled by my worldly problems.  I have glanced away from your loving eyes.  I have inched away from your presence.  I have let our relationship wax and wane.

            Heavenly Father, grant me the courage and wisdom to put you first in my life--above all else.  You are one God...King of Kings...and Lord of Lords.  You demand my full attention, my life, my all. 

            As I bow before You, I humbly confess that I do not know You as well as I should.  Although you have revealed yourself in the scriptures, I have not always taken time to study your word.  Although You have always been close-by, I have not always taken time to talk to You, and listen to You.  For this I am truly sorry.

            Precious God, my heart longs to be closer to You.  I want to sit at your feet, and walk in your shadow.  I yearn to be "plugged in" to your Holy Spirit at all times, and in all ways.  I need your perfect friendship and love.  I need your perfect wisdom and advice.   

            Lord God, be behind my every thought and in front of my every action.  Keep me always in an attitude of prayer.  And when I stray and lose my way, be a compass for me in this troubled world.  Help me to turn my life around and stay focused on the only thing that really counts--my relationship with you.

            With your help, I will find new direction and purpose in my life.  I will follow the narrow path that leads to You. I will focus on new horizons.  And when at last I reach my journey's end, I will see You face-to-face.

            Amen and amen.